Hydraulic Stainless Cylinder for Boat: A Comprehensive Guide and Review

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When it comes to efficient and reliable hydraulic solutions for boats, the Hydraulic Stainless Cylinder stands out. Manufactured with precision and designed for durability, this hydraulic cylinder is not just a simple component, but an essential part of your boat’s mechanical system. Primarily used to control the rudder, this hydraulic cylinder promises top-notch performance and longevity, with a warranty extending up to an entire year.

The Hydraulic Stainless Cylinder boasts a robust construction, with a number of key features that make it a superior choice. Weighing only 33kgs, this cylinder is designed with a maximum stroke of 305mm and a rod diameter of 25mm. Both the outer and inner tube diameters are 60mm and 50mm respectively. It is specially designed with a bore diameter of 50mm, ensuring efficient operation and smooth movement. The cylinder operates at a maximum pressure of 21Mpa and features a double rod extension, offering enhanced stability and balance during operation. The cylinder is available in steel, aluminum alloy, or SS316L material options, all of which are known for their strength and corrosion resistance. Furthermore, it has a convenient flange mounting style and a single weight of 14.5kgs. The minimum order quantity for this product is 4 pieces, making it a viable choice for both small and bulk purchases.

It’s not just the product features that make the Hydraulic Stainless Cylinder a great choice, but also the comprehensive services provided by EVER-POWER. As a recognized leader in the industry, EVER-POWER is committed to delivering high-quality products and top-tier customer service. We offer professional engineering consultation for design and improvement before ordering, advanced equipment for machining and production, and rigorous quality checks before shipping. Our professional after-sale service is always ready to assist you with any concerns or issues. With EVER-POWER, you are not just purchasing a product, but also investing in a reliable partnership that guarantees satisfaction. Click here to explore the Hydraulic Stainless Cylinder and make your purchase now!


  1. What is the warranty period for the Hydraulic Stainless Cylinder?
    The Hydraulic Stainless Cylinder comes with a one-year warranty, assuring you of its quality and durability.
  2. What is the minimum order quantity for the Hydraulic Stainless Cylinder?
    The minimum order quantity for the Hydraulic Stainless Cylinder is 4 pieces.
  3. What are the material options for the Hydraulic Stainless Cylinder?
    The Hydraulic Stainless Cylinder is available in steel, aluminum alloy, or SS316L materials, all of which are durable and corrosion-resistant.

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