Single Acting Telescopic Cylinder: A High-Performance Hydraulic Solution

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Experience the pinnacle of hydraulic technology with our Single Acting Telescopic Cylinder. This product is designed to cater to your specific needs in engineering machinery industries, offering a seamless and efficient energy conversion. With a one-year warranty and aftersales video technical support, we ensure you experience the very best of what our product has to offer. Our showroom is located in Indonesia, and our product weighs a mere 35kg, making it highly portable and convenient to handle.

The Single Acting Telescopic Cylinder boasts impressive specifications. It has a maximum stroke of 662mm, an outer tube diameter of 108mm, and an inner tube diameter of 90mm. The rod diameter is 55mm and the bore diameter is 90mm. These dimensions ensure efficient hydraulic performance and optimal mechanical energy output. The hydraulic cylinder is double-acting, with a hydraulic style lock valve located outside for easy operation. It operates under a pressure of 20Mpa, ensuring high power output. The cylinder uses an earring mounting style, making it versatile and easy to install in a variety of settings. Its main application is in car carriers, where it offers reliable and efficient performance.

At EVER-POWER, we are committed to delivering high-performance hydraulic solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our Single Acting Telescopic Cylinder is the embodiment of this commitment, offering superior performance and longevity. Our product is designed using top-quality materials and advanced engineering techniques, ensuring optimal efficiency and durability. Our team of professional engineers offer design and manufacturing services tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring a product that seamlessly fits into your operations. Don’t miss out on experiencing the highest standards of hydraulic performance. Explore our product catalog and make your purchase today to take your operations to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the warranty period for the Single Acting Telescopic Cylinder?

Our Single Acting Telescopic Cylinder comes with a one-year warranty. We also offer after-warranty video technical support to our customers.

2. What are the main applications of the Single Acting Telescopic Cylinder?

The main application of our Single Acting Telescopic Cylinder is in car carriers. However, its versatile design and high-performance attributes make it suitable for a variety of engineering machinery applications.

3. How can I get specialized design and manufacturing services for the Single Acting Telescopic Cylinder?

At EVER-POWER, we offer specialized design and manufacturing services for our products. Our team of professional engineers work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and tailor the product to meet these needs.

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